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Crochet Now 52 on sale Thursday!

Issue 52 – on sale 30th January!

There is something unquestioningly satisfying about running your fingers over a wonderfully textured piece of material, whether it’s crocheted, sewn or even something you came across on a crisp winter’s walk. We crafters love to use our hands, and we are sure you all find a wonderful pleasure in not only touching something textured, but making it as well. With this in mind, the team put their heads together to come up a collection of patterns through which we can explore the world of textures together.

Why not start with Zoe Potrac’s Bubble Wrap Throw that plays with chunky yarn and raised stitches to create a beautifully weighted piece of crochet – did you know that sitting with a weighted blanket on your lap is a perfect way to help ease anxiety? Then enjoy the feel of a merino and silk blend yarn between your fingers as you crochet Anne-Michelle Phelan’s Triantan Shawl, or a super-soft velvet yarn with the Cutie Cub Hat.

You can also have a lot of fun playing with texture too! Make a statement with Cassie Ward’s Perfectly-Pom Jumper or whip-up a quick jumper for your little one with Jessica Bennett’s Mustard Seed Jumper. This jumper uses a Rico yarn that is an absolute dream to touch – be sure to head to your Local Yarn Shop to find out! Check out our stockist guide to local yarn shops on pages 82-83 – we are proud to support local shops every issue.

Finally, we hope you have lots of fun with your new soft-grip crochet hook and toppers set! Who ever thought of a topper on a crochet hook? Plus don’t miss your official patterns to crochet Small and Tiny from the Clangers, along with 3 Froglets! We love the whistling little alien creatures!

Issue 52 is available to buy from your local supermarket, newsagent and craft store from Thursday 30th January but if you can’t wait, order your copy online now, grab yours from Deramores, or why not treat yourself to a subscription and never miss an issue again?

About Jenny Conduit

Hi, I'm Jenny and I am editor of Crochet Now! I love to crochet amigurumi, especially my favourite TV and film characters, along with blankets and wraps. If I'm not crocheting, you can probably find me knitting and eating chocolate biscuits.

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  1. Is anyone having problems wit the first row of the bubble wrap throw? My stitches are not matching chain length?

  2. In Issue 52 on page 19, there is an ad for Caron Simply Soft, showing two babies with ‘rabbit ear’ hats. I have searched everywhere for this pattern, all the usual places, wool warehouse, love knitting, dreamers, hobby craft, etc etc.

    How do I get hold of a copy please?

  3. Hi, is there any way of ordering a copy of this issue? My dad loves the clangers and I was hoping to crochet him some for christmas, and these are the best looking ones I’ve found! Thanks

  4. Hi
    I would like to buy issue 52 with the crochet pattern for the clangers. Is this still available?

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