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How to: Perfect Mosaic Crochet!

This month, we welcome Crochet Now designer Rosina Plane to the blog to give us her top tips for perfect colour changes in Mosaic Crochet every time! Find her newest design, the Norway Spruce Blanket, inside issue 46, available to buy now!

Over the past year or two I would occasionally come across mosaic crochet patterns in magazines or on the web.  I loved the patterns, but never had the courage to give it a go as it seemed way too complicated and fiddly.

Well, earlier this year I was at a bit of a loose end and looking for a new project, so I decided to bite the bullet, pick up my hook and give it a go.

How wrong I had been! I found Mosaic crochet to be nowhere near as fiddly as intarsia crochet, and the charts were simple to follow if I just took them one row at a time. I also loved the added texture created from the mixture of dc and long stitches.

I was instantly hooked (pardon the obvious pun), and suddenly found myself full of inspiration for designs using this amazing technique … the first of which was “Norway Spruce” which I am very proud to share with you in issue 46.

In Mosaic crochet there is no changing colours within rows – patterns are created by working 2 rows in colour A, followed by 2 rows in colour B, and so on.

Each square on the chart represents one dc, if the chart calls for a different colour to that which you are using you miss the required number of sts, and chain that number plus 1 (the plus 1 just stops your work bunching up as most people tend to chain slightly tighter than other sts). If you had missed stitches when using the previous colour you make a tr into the missed st, leaving the ch-sp unworked on the wrong side.

When you get to the end of the row turn with 1 ch and work 1 dc in each dc or tr, 2 ch over all 2ch-sps, 3 ch over all 3ch-sps etc… Simple!

Pic 1

For the majority of Mosaic crochet designs you will probably be using just 2 colours, so to avoid the tedium of weaving in hundreds of loose ends you will probably want to carry the unused colour up the side of your work. I have found 2 ways of doing this:

  • For the Norway Spruce pattern I suggest you leave the working loop of the unused colour on a locking stitch marker, which creates a nice neat edge, but the 2 strands can be a little bulky – especially if you are using heavier yarns (see pic 1)
    Pic 2
  • Option 2 results in only 1 strand being carried up the side, and doesn’t require the use of a stitch marker. For this you simply work the turning chain at the beginning of the right side row using the next colour (see pic 2)

The choice of method is entirely up to your personal preference.

I hope this article has encouraged you to give mosaic crochet a try, but if you think that Norway Spruce may be a little too advanced for your first attempt you can visit my website at here where you will find a free pattern to make a simple mosaic crochet coaster, along with supporting photos and full written instructions.

Check out more of Rosina’s designs on her Instagram feed!

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