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Issue 45 Errata

Boxy Summer Top, page 15

There is an instruction missing to miss stitches on Row 2 of this pattern. Please see below for the correct instructions:

Row 2: 4 ch, miss 1 tr, 1 tr, [1 ch, miss 1 tr, 1 tr] twice, *6 tr, [1 ch, miss 1 tr, 1 tr] 3 times; rep from * 1 (10, 11) more times to end, working last tr into 3rdch of 4 ch from previous row. Turn.

Every row should also finish with ‘Turn’ at the end.

Menton Sweater, page 30

Due to the yarn being held double throughout this pattern, the amount of yarn needed for this project should read Rico Baby Cotton Soft DK, 6 balls in Patina 050

Once you have completed your project, we recommend washing and blocking your finished Menton Sweater to relax the fabric which may feel stiff to begin with.

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Hi, I'm Jenny and I am editor of Crochet Now! I love to crochet amigurumi, especially my favourite TV and film characters, along with blankets and wraps. If I'm not crocheting, you can probably find me knitting and eating chocolate biscuits.

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  1. How would I get issue 45 it’s out of stock and on back order.
    Thank you for a wonderful channel.

    • Thanks Pamela! Unfortunately issue 45 is now sold out in hard copies, but if you would like the digital edition of the magazine (please bear in mind this won’t include the hook and stitch markers) you can purchase this at http://www.pocketmags.com.

      Thanks for reading Crochet Now!

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