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How to Sew the Perfect Crochet Beak

How to Sew the Perfect Crochet Beak

Have you got your copy of issue 37 yet? This month we are giving every reader a complete yarn kit to crochet their own RSPB Garden Bird Buddies. Inside your magazine you will have patterns to crochet two of our favourite feathered friends – the blue tit and the robin. And don’t forget to join in the Big Garden Bird Watch!

Designer Irene Strange has done an amazing job capturing these iconic birds and translating them into our favourite craft. She has even put together a little video to help you get the perfect finish to your birds. Sew a perfect little beak onto your birds with just a few carefully placed stitches!

About Irene

Irina is an amigurumi maker and crochet pattern designer, she has been writing crochet patterns under the pen name Irene Strange since 2009. Most of Irene’s designs are inspired by nature. The amazing variety of animals, birds and other creatures sharing our planet is an endless source of wonder. Find out more about Irene over on her website and Instagram.

About Jenny Conduit

Hi, I'm Jenny and I am editor of Crochet Now! I love to crochet amigurumi, especially my favourite TV and film characters, along with blankets and wraps. If I'm not crocheting, you can probably find me knitting and eating chocolate biscuits.

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  1. Hi

    I am doing the blue tit body and was a little stuck on row 14, I could not understand how to get from 60 stitches on row 13 to 50 stitches on row 14 with the decrease.

    However I have done the inv-dc3tog and then 9 dc and repeated to end to get 50 stitches.
    It was not clear in the pattern as 9 was missing out of the information.

    I think I am right in what I said ! I do not do much amagurumi so any info is great.


    • Hi Caroline, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this pattern. The decrease instruction to bring you to 50 sts in the pattern is correct. The instruction given (Inv-dc3tog, dc to end) will decrease two stitches on the round. You should follow this instruction for rounds 14 – 18, giving a total of 10 stitches decreased by the end of round 18. I hope this helps.

  2. Can anyone help with the blue tit feet please? I get as far as the 3 front toes but am a bit lost after.

  3. I can’t find the alternative wrist warmer pattern to make instead of the stuffed birds, the magazine says its on this webpage…?

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