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Hi, I'm Jenny and I am editor of Crochet Now! I love to crochet amigurumi, especially my favourite TV and film characters, along with blankets and wraps. If I'm not crocheting, you can probably find me knitting and eating chocolate biscuits.

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  1. Hi. I think there might be a couple more errors/typos in this pattern? Has anyone else reported any others? Thanks x

  2. Hi I am doing the garden bird buddies pattern and was a bit unsure on the blue tit pattern. I am on row 14 on the body and it says to Inv-dc3tog, dc to end . 50 stitches.

    The previous round (13) was 60 stitches, how do I jump from 60 to 50 stiches.

    Any help would be great.

    • Hi Caroline, sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this pattern. The decrease instruction to bring you to 50 sts in the pattern is correct. The instruction given (Inv-dc3tog, dc to end) will decrease two stitches on the round. You should follow this instruction for rounds 14 – 18, giving a total of 10 stitches decreased by the end of round 18. I hope this helps.

  3. Just finished the Blue fit bird he is so cute can’t wait to make the Robin. Great to get the yarn with the book. It was a bit pricy but I love it. My yarn for a little messed up but nothing I haven’t had happen before. Thanks for sending your great book to Canada. Old granny wendy

  4. Bill the mini frog gift pattern. Page 29. I believe there is an error. For the body and head section, there are no starting instructions e.g. Chain 10, make a magic ring…. It’s a bit difficult to start off the head and body without it…. There are starting instructions for the legs and eyes… Please can you look into it? Thanks.

    • Hi Donna
      Our apologies for this – you should started with a magic ring and work 6dc into the centre.
      Thanks for spotting this!

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