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Stitch Masterclass: The Bullion Stitch

Get all wrapped up in the wrapping stitch: the bullion!

Learn a stitch that is both versatile and tactile. The bullion really is a gorgeous (albeit quite fiddly) stitch to try and, used in different ways, it can give a fun, interesting appearance to your project. It is similar in style to a puff stitch, in that it relies on wrapping the yarn a certain way to create the wrapped effect. However, the way it is wrapped gives it its unique look.

The basics

One of the things that is really striking about the bullion stitch is how versatile it actually is. It can be used in a row and also in the round to create interesting designs. As mentioned it can be a little fiddly and does take a few attempts to get it looking perfect but don’t worry too much about the stitch gaping at the first loop – this is usually corrected or hidden when you go over it in the row above.

Let’s have a go


Keep your stitch each time you pull it off the loop.

Step 1:

Wrap the yarn

To create the bullion you must wrap the yarn multiple times. This can be any number of times (depending upon what the pattern calls for) but in this instance, we have wrapped it seven times. The more you wrap, the taller the stitch will be.

Step 2:

Insert hook into stitch

With 8 loops on your hook, insert your hook into the next available stitch and yarn over

Step 3:

Pull through 2 loops

This is by far the trickiest part of the stitch because you have to pull your yarn through all the loops on the hook. However, this is pretty hard to do in one go so it is easier to work the loops off in stages. To do this yarn over pull through the first 2 loops on the hook.

Step 4:

Pull through each remaining loop

Make sure you keep tightening your yarn as you proceed to ensure the Bullion is tight and does not gape. You should pull through each stitch, one by one until you have moved them all off the hook and created your Bullion. You do not yarn over after the first initial yarn over. You are simply pulling the left stitch on the hook over the right until you reach the end

Step 5:


This action will create the bullion stitch. It may take a few goes to get it neat, but with some practice it is simple!

Step 6:

Securing the stitch

You must now lock the stitch in place to stop it coming apart. Your yarn should be coming out of the bottom of the bullion. Yarn over and pull through. This will secure it.

Send in pictures of what you have made with the bullion stitch on our Facebook page.

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