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Chunky Yarn DIY

3 Chunky Yarn DIY

Did you know that you can make your very own chunky yarn at home? We show you 3 super-easy ways to make your own yarn right in your home!

Why DIY chunky yarn?

Chunky yarn often doesn’t have the same huge colour palette as their DK and aran counterparts, so this is a great way to introduce more colour into your chunky makes! Also, BUST YOUR STASH with these hacks – using your light yarn as chunky means you work through it so much more quickly, and projects are worked up in no time at all!

1 – Knit it yourself!

If you want to go SUPER chunky, get hold of a knitting mill and use any 4-ply, DK or even aran yarn to knit up a mega-chunky, flexible cord that can be crocheted using a 15mm hooks. Get a Prym Knitting Mill MINI and with the simple turn of a handle, knit your skinny yarn into a thick cord! This method does take some time, but it’s so much fun and the finished product is amazing!

2 – 3-in-1 Method

One of the best ways to create chunky yarn is to have fun with colour and create your very own colour-changing yarn. Simply grab 3 colours in DK, hold them together, and start crocheting to get a super-chunky tension, great for 10mm and 12mm hooks. The same could work for 4 strands of 4-ply, or 2 strands of aran. Or, why not use 3 balls of the same colour yarn for the same effect in solid?

3 – Chain Plying

Did you know that you don’t even need to wind your ball into 3 if you wanted to get chunky from one shade of DK? With Chain Plying, also known as Navajo Plying, you can work from just one ball of yarn into a much chunkier tension! Watch our video below to find out how to do this fantastic technique.

Like what you read? You can read more about making your own chunky yarn, as well and project inspiration for chunky makes for the home, inside issue 30 of Crochet Now – if you order a copy online you will receive 3 chunky glitter hooks too! Back copies of Crochet Now are available at www.moremags.com/crocheting

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