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Friday Five: What a Horror!

Lock the doors, board up your windows and stay indoors – it’s Friday 13th and we’re not risking anything!


Why not try some of these superstition inspired crochet patterns to get you through the weekend?

  1. This Voodoo Doll Pin Cushion by Patricia Stewart is so adorable that we’re not sure we can bring ourselves to stab it. If only it looked more like someone we hate.

2. It’s undeniable, crocheters love cats! But are you brave enough to try this Black Cat amigurumi pattern from Enchanted Ladybug today?

3. If you need a little good luck charm today, why not try making this cute Four Leaf Clover and plant pot from El Gallo Bermejo?

4. He’s the horror movie villain who can’t get enough of summer camp. We can’t help feel that this amiguruni pattern from Amy Chenoweth makes Jason seem less sinister than usual.

5. Recognise this spooky crew? This horrifying trio are from Crochet Now, Issue 19 and are perfect gifts for little ones.

Crochet Now issue 30 is out now! Find your local stockist here, or buy online at MoreMags

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