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Hairpin Crochet – free patterns to try

free hairpin crochet patterns

The latest issue of Crochet Now, Issue 15, comes with a free loom so you can try hairpin crochet for yourself.  You may not have even heard of hairpin crochet before but our Editor Hugh was amazed from the moment he first clapped eyes on a pattern featuring hairpin crochet and had to share it in the magazine!

“I love the way the strips join to create beautiful textured designs that look like nothing else in the world of crochet”

hairpin crochet patternsThere’s a great free video tutorial you can watch to get started – How to use a hairpin crochet loom and you’ll also find a 15-page supplement, with step by step photos, free with Issue 15.

Free Hairpin Crochet Patterns

We’ve searched the web to find you a selection of lovely Hairpin crochet patterns you can try with your free loom.

Hairpin Crochet Head Band

Try making this hairpin crochet headband, there’s a free pattern with lots of tips and advice on the blog ‘By Number 19’

This beautiful shawl pattern uses hairpin crochet.  Find the free pattern at www.redheart.com if you would like to make one for yourself using your new loom.

This colourful infinity scar was made using hairpin crochet by Nemzor on ravelry using a slightly modified free pattern by B.Hooked Crochet


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  1. Hi I have just subscribed to crochet now however I need issue number 15 with the free hairpin loom if at all possible can you send it me asap thank you

  2. Hi in the kast issue of crochet now no 18 itsays at the back of the magazine that issue no 19 is out on the 10th of august but it is not out in the shops in the crochet 2017 diary of crochet now it also says that issue no 19 is out on the 10th august i phoned whsmith this morning and they said it is out on the 31st august please can you tell me what date it is please i don’t want to miss a copy of my favourite magazine

  3. Hi,I really want to get started on the Alice in wonderland tea cosy but can only find part 1 and 2 on your website. Can you let me know when the rest of the pattern will be released please Julie

  4. I am writing to enquire whether it would be possible to have a hairpin lace crochet loom and pattern. I had the magazine and loom but somehow I have misplaced it. I am quite prepared to pay this and it would be greatly appreciated

    W Newnham

  5. Is it possible to get a back copy of crochet magazine from 10 November 2017. I want the crochet pattern for Paddington bear.

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