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Stunning Crochet Umbrellas and Parasols!

Crochet Parasol ideas!

Crochet Parasols

Crochet parasols are just the thing if the sun is out and you want a little shade for bare shoulder or a babies pram. They would make lovely gifts for little people who like to play at being Princesses and are absolutely perfect for brides if made with delicate lace style crochet patterns.

crochet umbrella parasol victorian bride

Polish Etsy seller, Modern Crochet Club creates these stunning crochet umbrellas / parasols.  The black version is perfect for sophisticated Halloween costumes, or perhaps if you are channelling your inner gothic Victorian!

We have created a Pinterest board full of crochet umbrella ideas (embedded below!) and we have found a free tutorial (of kinds!) that gives you the basics of creating one yourself and also a few you’ll need to pay for.

DIY Crochet Parasol!

The free tutorial we found is not in English, however, if you use Google translate and refer to the photographs and diagram, you can see the basics of how she has put the parasol together.  This is not a project for a beginner but once you have mastered mandalas and doilies you should definitely give this a try. It gives you a great idea of how to take an old umbrella frame, remove the fabric and then create the crochet parasol cover – Crochet Umbrella Tutorial.

lacey crochet parasol pattern

This crochet parasol pattern is available for less than £10 at www.irarott.com – it’s absolutely stunning and would be great for a bride.

crochet parasol pattern

crochet parasol

crochet parasol 12

We love these rainbow bright parasols created by Etsy seller Babukatorium. Great for all of you who love to express yourself through colour and for kids – what a great prop for a photo shoot for example! Some of these crochet parasols are simply worked up like giant doilies and secured using the existing hardware of the umbrella frame.

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  1. How can I get a copy of the pattern directions for the rainbow umbrellas? I’d really like to make them myself. .

    • Hi Erica, the patterns in this post have not been produced by Crochet Now. All of the creators and owners of the patterns have been mentioned throughout and you can access their web pages using the links provided in the post.

  2. Kimberly Vanravenswaay

    Where do you purchase that parasol from? I can only find them with fabric already on them.

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