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Crochet Hanging Baskets – FREE patterns!


When you are having a spring clear out you will often find that you need new storage ideas for your home to help keep everything tidy. These hanging crochet basket patterns will be perfect for creating some stylish storage ideas for bits and bobs that you can’t find a home for or that you need closer to hand than at the back of a dresser or wardrobe.

What can you use hanging crochet baskets for?

Pretty much anything that’s not really heavy!

Hanging a crochet basket from a door, for example, can be a useful place to keep essentials like a scarf and gloves when it’s chilly or perhaps sunglasses and a shawl during summer.  Another use might be for unmatched socks waiting for a partner in the utility room or for clean flannels  or dishcloths by a sink.  They look great and can add a pop of colour or texture to a room as well as being useful little storage baskets…  I’m sure you’ll find a great reason to make one up!

Hanging Crochet Basket Pattern

Here are a few hanging crochet basket patterns we think you’ll find fun to make up for yourself or as a little crochet gift idea for friends and family.

crochet hanging basket free pattern

This crochet pattern for a little basket which loops over a door handle is free and written by Soul Made Blog

free crochet pattern basket with hook

The post has absolutely beautiful step by step pictures, so even a beginner can make up one of the lovely baskets.

crochet storage basket with hook

This ‘Toy Cocoon’ from Yes have Some is a slightly different design, a little bigger with a smaller opening.  Perfect for hanging on hooks on a child’s bedroom wall to store soft toys.  You just need to choose your yarn carefully, use a chunky yarn or use 3 strands together, slightly more difficult to crochet but you can combine colours and achieve some great effects.

crochet hanging storage basket 1

This design for a hanging crochet basket from Moogly is different again, more tub like and the folded over top gives it stability.


You can see it in action here holding a few useful cloths just where they are needed.  We have some free patterns available for making crochet dishcloths and scrubbies.  These baskets would be the perfect storage solution for them.

For more brilliant crochet basket patterns, follow our Pinterest board.

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