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CN71 Errata

Enigma CAL part 4

In Part 4 of the Enigma CAL pattern, Round 34 contains a tiny error.

The ‘s’ in s2trcl is a typo – this should just read ‘2trcl’ – 2 treble cluster.


Wallace & Gromit Toys

Due to an editing error, the incomplete yarn colours and shades were listed in the magazine. Please see below for a list of colours and corresponding West Yorkshire Spinners 4-ply shade names to be used in the pattern.

Wendolene and Preston:

45m each in peach skin (A), light blue (B), white (C), red (D), yellow (E), brown (F) & dark peach/beige (H)

Piella and Fluffles:

45m each in peach skin (A), white (C), red (D), brown (F) & hot pink (G)


West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4-ply

Small amounts (approx. 45m) in

A = Lisianthus 281

B = Blueberry Bonbon 365

C = Marshmallow 011 or Milk Bottle 010

D = Cherry Drop 529

E = Butterscotch 240

F = Nutmeg 630

G = Sarsaparilla 545

H = Cinnamon Stick 632

Available from www.thefoundryworks.co.uk

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