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Crochet Pokemon Patterns

Crochet Pokemon Patterns

Crochet them all!  With the bizarre Pokemon Go craze that’s hit the UK recently, we thought you’d like a few pokemon patterns you can make for any fans in your family, or just for yourself if you’ve got addicted to the latest online gaming phenomenon.

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amigurumi pokemon ball pattern

You’re going to need Pokemon Balls if you want to ‘catch them all’ – we’ve found two patterns, one in German on the website Ribbelmonster (click the auto translate on your browser) or this one here in English on the blog Wolf Dreamer

The most famous of all Pokemon is Pikachu of course! We found a fun free pattern over on the blog Sabrina’s Crochet

pikachu crochet pattern

There’s another free Pikachu pattern over on the fabulous 53 Stitches blog  here this time the eyes are safety eyes rather than felt. 53 stitches has created patterns for quite a few little pokemon, do have a good explore of her blog.

pikachu pattern crochet

bulbasaur pokemon pattern

53 stitches has created patterns for quite a few little pokemon – Bulbasaur Crochet pattern

squirtle crochet pattern

and here’s a pattern for Squirtle too.

We also found an  amazing crochet blogger who has created all of these brilliant pokemon patterns.  The blog is called I Crochet Things and it’s well worth a look through not only the Pokemon Crochet Patterns but also all her other work – you can also find her on Ravelry here.

Munchlax crochet pokemon pattern

Munchlax Pokemon Pattern

Kyogre pokemon pattern to crochet

Kyogre pokemon Crochet Pattern

Psyduck crochet pokemon pattern

Psyduck – Water Pokemon Pattern
oshawott crochet pattern

Oshawott the Sea Otter Water Pokemon Pattern

Will you be having a go and crocheting some little Pokemon friends?

crochet pokemon ball apple cosy

We’re building a Pinterest board here full of crochet pokemon patterns and inspiration – we just had to add this Pokemon ball apple cosy to the board – isn’t it brilliant, it was for sale rather than a pattern and is sadly not in stock, but we think it would be fairly easy to recreate if you have an apple cosy pattern and some white, red and black yarn handy.

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  1. Could you do a pattern for the pokemon zoura?

    • Hi Mona, I’m sure our Editor Jenny would love to do this, however we are only able to produced patterns for certain copyrighted characters. Unfortunately we’re not able to produce pokemon patterns at this time.

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