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Issue 3 Errata

The following issues have been reported on issue 3 patterns.

Sunshine and Showers Crochet Along

Rnd 10 will leave you with 33 flower stems plus 2 at either end of the the row, not 32 as stated on the pattern, making for 35 stems altogether.

Liquorice Allsorts Afghan
Rnd 2 should read ‘2 tr in each st around’, not ’11 tr’
Rnd 7: The htr stitches between before and after the dtr should actually be hdtr sts made as follows:

Yrh 2 times, insert hook into next st, yrh and draw  up a loop, yrh and draw through 2 loops on hook, yrh and draw through remaining 3 loops on hook.

About Hugh Metcalf

Hugh is the editor of Crochet Now, and he loves designing and making cute amigurumi toys most of all (it suits his short attention span), though he's known to have a fair few blanket WIPs on the go at once too. You can contact him about anything to do with the magazine at hugh.metcalf@practicalpublishing.co.uk

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  1. Phew! Got 33 stems last night and had a fitful night’s sleep wondering where I went wrong! Happy lady going to crack on with more tonight!

  2. Row 10 of Sunshine and showers. 171 sts as stated on row 9, (tr ch tr) +miss 4sts = 5
    Therefore 5 sts for each repeat. Divide 171 by 5 =34 plus the last st for the final 2tr.

    I’m getting 35 stems, not 32 as mag states or 33 as errata states.
    What am i doing wrong?!

  3. Regarding round 10 of the sunshine and showers cal, is that 33 in the middle of the row with trebles at the ends?

  4. I’m looking at buying the liquified all sorts crochet patten but am unable to find it to down load

    If you could please let me know we’re I might be able to do this


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