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About Hugh Metcalf

Hugh is the editor of Crochet Now, and he loves designing and making cute amigurumi toys most of all (it suits his short attention span), though he's known to have a fair few blanket WIPs on the go at once too. You can contact him about anything to do with the magazine at hugh.metcalf@practicalpublishing.co.uk


  1. Margaret McClounnan

    Hi Hugh

    Purchased first issue of crochet now last week in the hope of finding any snippets about left handed crochet for beginners, needless to say I was a bit disappointed. Is there a chance you will do a few articles in the future with regard to us lefties. The odd left handed pattern would not go amiss either to put into practice new stitches learnt.


    • Hi Margaret –

      Thanks for your comments – I’ll certainly investigate this further and find a designer who is left-handed. It’s a bit of a mystery to me as a right-handed crocheter, but will endeavour to get some features going forward!

      All the best,


    • If you look at my blog thelittleroomofrachell.Com I have a page of tips for fellow lefties and am happy to answer any questions


  2. Received issue 1 in post but didn’t receive the ‘learn to crochet with granny squares I got in touch with practical publishing on 25th March and to this day still haven’t received it or got any reply
    Can you please help
    Kind regards

  3. I would love to buy issue 1 but cannot find it anywhere …. Do you know how I can get hold of one please

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